VitaliKoR Review – What You Need To Know

For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), it can be an embarrassing situation as well as harmful to their health. Mentally, the stress of ED can cause depression, anxiety, and a loss of real intimacy. When you’re stressed that you won’t be able to perform when the time comes, this can lead to a self-perpetuating cycle and that can lead to an even more difficult time gaining an erection.

Today there are dozens of different prescription medications that promise to cure erectile dysfunction, but some of them come with a hefty price tag, such as up to $50 a pill! If you’ve done any research into prescription solutions, such as Cialis or Viagra, then you already know that there are also a number of reported side effects with those medications.

Some of the side effects make men avoid even considering taking them.

That’s where VitaliKoR comes in.

Dispelling the Myths

Somehow, VitaliKoR has become associated with penis enlargement. It is not a penis growth pill and won’t add inches to your member. The confusion may stem from the fact that when you take VitaliKoR, you will experience harder erections, which make you feel as though you’re bigger.

There are a number of negative reviews written about VitaliKoR strictly because the men that took the pills assumed that it would make them larger, but that’s not the purpose.

Even the official VitaliKoR website expressly states that this pill can provide:

  • “Stronger, Fuller and Harder Erections
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Support Sexual Health”

What is VitaliKoR?

Basically, VitaliKoR is a male enhancement pill that is designed to target erectile dysfunction. That was the main concept behind the development of this pill. It doesn’t focus on increasing or decreasing the amount of semen, or build stamina. The focus of the product is to ensure that men who take it can get an erection when they want and keep it.
VitaliKoR achieves this goal by using all natural ingredients, rather than relying on chemically engineered and modified ingredients.

Advantages of VitaliKoR

There are a number of advantages of VitaliKoR over other erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra and Cialis. One of the most commonly associated advantage is price.

VitaliKoR is far less expensive than any prescription based pharmaceutical. This does not mean that it’s less effective. In fact, VitaliKoR has been proven to be just as effective as curing erectile dysfunction as any of the major prescription brands.

This makes it more accessible to individuals who either don’t have health insurance or can’t afford a full prescription based product.

Another advantage of VitaliKoR is that it is all natural. That means there are virtually no side effects that are commonly associated with the pharmaceutical brands. Some of the potential side effects of other ED products are quite severe, so when there’s a natural alternative that actually works, it’s a wonder why more people don’t rely on this alternative.

How VitaliKoR Works

The key reason why some men suffer from erectile dysfunction has to do with blood flow and circulation. When blood flow is restriction to the penis and circulation is not optimal, then the penis cannot achieve its full state of arousal. There are some hormonal imbalances that can attribute to the causes of ED, but ultimately it comes down to blood flow and circulation.

When you have the proper amount of blood flowing to the penis, then it expands. As arousal begins, if the blood flow or circulation is restricted or diminished, this will lead to problems getting a full erection. Then, once the problem arises, then this can lead to anxiety which will ultimately make it even harder to get a full erection.

Many men become embarrassed and feel as though they’re letting their partner down, as though they aren’t attracted to her any longer. The truth is that the issue is most often physiological. Products such as Viagra were discovered to be effective at curing ED because they were originally intended to be heart medications. A stronger heart means more blood flow and better circulation throughout the body.

VitaliKoR was designed to be a natural, healthy alternative to the risky medications that people have been taking to cure their erectile dysfunction. The herbal and natural ingredients found in VitaliKoR improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body, which in turn helps to promote healthy and lasting erections.

Is VitaliKoR Effective?

VitaliKoR is the only make enhancement that is covered by eight U.S. patents. However, that doesn’t mean it’s effective. So it’s been validated by clinical research studies that were conducted at Stanford University as well as the University of Hawaii and New York Medical College.

In fact, in one research study, 89% of subjects taking VitaliKoR experienced the ability to get and maintain an erection, and these were men who reported mild to severe ED symptoms.

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Key Ingredients of VitaliKoR

There are a number of all natural ingredients found in VitaliKoR that make it effective at promoting the production of Niric Oxide in the body, which is responsible for increased blood flow and circulation. Some of these ingredients are:

L-Arginine is important in the production of nitric oxide.

Ginkgo Biloba has been used for hundreds of years to help increase blood flow as well as mental focus. It has also been proven effective at promoting sexual health.

Panax ginseng is reported to have certain aphrodisiac qualities but in VitaliKoR, it is used more to promote the increased production of Nitric Oxide.

Vitamins A, C, E are necessary for the reproductive process but also protect cells from damage.

Vitamin B help to promote energy metabolism, DNA synthesis, and neurologic function.

Selenium is critical for oxygen metabolism and is also important for reproduction.

Zinc is vital to cell growth, nucleic acid synthesis, and prostate health.

All of these ingredients are all natural, so there are no real side effects that are associated with other ED prescription medications.


VitaliKoR is one of the most effective ED treatments and male enhancement supplements on the market. If you are looking to cure your ED or have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, then VitaliKoR would be the right product to get back in the game.

Where Can I Get VitaliKoR?

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